Who We Are

TurningPoint Energy is a clean energy advisory, development and investment company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Its principals started the company after spending most of the last decade leading, running, growing and executing for some of the largest solar companies in the energy industry.  It is comprised of a veteran energy industry team with more than 1,000MW of solar projects originated, developed, financed, built and operating throughout the U.S. today.

The company is privately held and lean with some of the lowest overhead and profit requirements in the energy industry, the ability to make decisions quickly and customize projects to each customer’s needs. Its principals, advisors and partners are veterans in the solar industry that only take on four to six projects at a time purposefully as a means of delivering on commitments to each client, sustaining balance for each team member and allowing us to truly enjoy our work, our clients, each other and our personal lives.

Its customers have expressed that TurningPoint Energy is different than most others in the clean energy space because of the speed with which it executes, the veteran expertise it brings to every project and its ability to customize projects to clients and deliver every time with the highest level of integrity.

TurningPoint Energy is completely independent. It has no investors, no requirements to use others’ products or services and has been self-funded from day one. The company has been profitable in every year of its existence and is growing at a steady and purposeful pace. The company’s founder and principal has created a company that represents what he saw missing in the solar industry…which is a company people like to work for, a company that its customers enjoy working with and a company that balances purpose and happiness in doing its part to transform the energy industry…at every turning point.

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