We are always looking for investment opportunities that allow us to increase our reach and impact in the clean technology industry. We do this by investing in projects, companies, clients, team members and our community.

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your projects. Contact us to learn more.

Solar Projects in the U.S. Market

Our team members have been investing in large distributed generation solar and small utility-scale solar projects for years.





Solar Real Estate in the U.S. Market

TurningPoint Energy and its team members are investing in a large portfolio of real estate that hold our and third party solar projects with the intent to be the long term land owner.





Clean Technology Companies

We are evaluating a series of opportunities to invest in emerging clean technology companies as advisors, partners and investors.




Team Member Companies

Many of our team members own their own companies in addition to their work with TurningPoint Energy. As a result, we are constantly looking for ways to invest in each other, joint venture on investments and give each other our time to help one another.




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