Community Solar

TurningPoint Energy has been on the forefront of Community Solar development and advisory, with over 60MW operating today, and more than 600MW under development. Our team is committed to providing meaningful Community Solar projects for energy consumers. 

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is integral to expanding the deployment of solar technology in communities. By providing a way to reap the benefits and predictable rates of clean, renewable solar energy through purchasing power from a shared solar project, Community Solar enables businesses and residents with unsuitable or insufficient space for on-site solar to realize the value of clean energy consumption.

Become a Community Solar Subscriber​

TurningPoint Energy has new Community Solar projects under development in Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Interested in learning more about our projects in your state and how you can subscribe? 

Simply complete the form at the link below, and we’ll let you know how you can participate in Community Solar and realize the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy without the need to install anything on your commercial or residential property.

Attention Landowners:

Are you a farmer, a real estate developer, or just happen to have property that could be suitable for solar?

TPE is seeking landowners with land, roof, brownfield, landfill, or parking lots to serve as solar project hosts in various U.S. markets.

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Contact Us! Is your property suitable for solar?
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Contact Us! Interested in becoming a Community Solar subscriber?
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