TurningPoint Energy develops solar, lighting, combined heat and power (CHP) and energy management projects for commercial, public sector and utility clients.  A summary of each offering follows below.  Contact us to learn more.

Solar Projects

Over the last nine years, our team has developed, contracted, financed, installed and serviced more than 1,000 megawatts (MW) of solar projects with a value of more than $2.5 billion all over North America.

The vast majority of these projects used the power purchase agreement (PPA) structure of contract which utilities, school districts, cities, counties, states, commercial businesses, industrial clients and many others have gained comfort in utilizing to buy solar power without having to buy the entire capital solar asset.

The benefits to our solar power clients:

  • Connect your facility to a solar power project
  • Immediate energy savings
  • Alternative power generation to traditional grid power
  • Predictable electricity bills for 20 – 30 years
  • No upfront costs / infinite return on investment
  • 20 – 30 year power purchase agreement
  • We develop, finance and manage the project through installation and service

Team U.S. Solar Project Experience

*Stars indicate TurningPoint Energy operational  or under development projects.

Energy Management and Storage Development

Based on our expertise and business relationships, we often find that solar project development leads to building energy management and storage development discussions as well. When we listen to our clients, many times we find that they desire all-inclusive energy strategies and plans. We are here to help and do this as an advisor or as a project developer. Three specific areas of focus to solve our client’s energy challenges that we are working on now include:

  • Energy Storage – we have always known that once renewable energy penetration into buildings and the utility grid matures, energy storage would become a vital tool to helping our clients further manage their energy needs.  The cost of energy storage is on the way down and we are starting to work on solar and energy storage project combinations for our clients.  The combined value of solar plus storage means further energy management and energy control for our clients over the long term.
  • Energy management systems – this is the software that links your building systems to your lighting systems to your solar systems to your energy storage systems which is now more important than ever. The ability to operate this from one platform efficiently can give you control of your energy future.

White papers, books and speaking engagements

Our team is working on writing white papers and a book currently on the solar industry, how it got to this point and where it goes from here. We see the solar industry as the “canary in the coalmine” in the form of a group of emerging disruptive distributed energy technologies that  is transforming our energy future. We regularly contribute to the discussion on this topic and help lead the turning point of tomorrow.


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