Mid-South Synergy Launches Community Solar Program

Navasota, Texas (July 21, 2015) -Mid-South Synergy is developing a 1.2 Megawatt DC Community Solar Project, dubbed ‘Synergy Solar,’ – one of the first community solar offerings available to co-op members in Texas. The initial solar site, located in Bedias,
Texas will generate smart, clean energy and offer the benefits of solar to the entire membership of the cooperative. “Located between Houston and College Station, the cooperative boasts a rapidly growing and diverse membership, consisting of both pencil-logic and planet-logic individuals,” said Troy Morris, VP of Business Relations for the company.

Open to all standard residential members of Mid-South Synergy, the initial phase will consist of 100 Kilowatt-hour blocks with members being able to purchase up to 5 blocks, not to exceed their current usage. Individual blocks will cost $12.50

To the members who subscribe during the initial offering, Synergy Solar will provide accessible, affordable and renewable energy by providing a maintenance free program, even for those whose residences do not meet the qualifications for an individual rooftop system.

The co-op announced the project, which broke ground in July, to members during its 75th annual meeting in Huntsville. Members can now subscribe to the system, which is expected to be operational in October of this year. “We are excited to be providing our members with an easy, affordable and a cooperative-based approach to solar power and look forward to growing this project together,” said Kerry Kelton, General Manager of Mid-South Synergy.

For any questions, please contact:
Erin Hughes Mid-South Synergy Office: (936) 825-5100

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