1.98MW AC Mid-South Synergy Community Solar

In 2014 Mid-South Synergy, a 17,000-member co-op northwest of Houston, selected TurningPoint Energy as its advisor for the development of a community solar power plant. TPE saved Mid-South Synergy an estimated 20% in upfront EPC costs as well as change order and related construction costs.

TPE worked closely with Mid-South Synergy to select and develop the project site, support the needs of its debt investor (CoBank), procure the EPC and O&M providers, negotiate all project contracts and manage the installation to final completion and turnover to the O&M team.

CLIENT: Mid-South Synergy
LOCATION: Grimes County, TX
COMPLETION: 2015/2016
INVESTOR: CoBank & Cooperative

Financing Corporation (CFC) financing



Estimated EPC Cost Savings

Years of Clean, Renewable Solar Energy

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