345 kW Alamosa Elementary School Rooftop Solar Project

Alamosa Schools selected TPE in 2014 to maximize solar energy at its LEED accredited elementary school.  TurningPoint Energy validated a rate tariff shift that would achieve 10% savings for the school in the first year of operation.  TPE gained school board approval to proceed, gained incentives from Xcel, fully developed the project and brought in a large global solar project investor in 2015.

Just before construction was to commence, the investor filed bankruptcy, paralyzing the project for more than a year. TurningPoint Energy held firm to its commitment to actualizing this project for Alamosa Schools.   TPE had to regain Xcel incentives twice, and fought to get the project out of the bankruptcy process by finding a secondary investor to build and own the project.

The system was constructed by Namaste Solar and completed in July 2017.   Foundation Energy is the project owner.

CLIENT: Alamosa School District
LOCATION: Alamosa County, CO
SYSTEM: 345 kW
PROJECT OWNER: Foundation Energy


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