Community Investment

Commitment to Community

Investment & Education

TurningPoint Energy invests in the communities where our projects are located, as well as actively supporting non-profit organizations with missions to expand access to solar energy. Our efforts provide substantial, impactful support for public school and community initiatives, as well as renewable energy education curricula to inspire the next generation of renewable energy industry leaders.

At TPE, we believe in a triple bottom line approach to our business wherein our customers and stakeholders gain value through:

  • Financial value in the form of competitive rates for solar electricity;
  • Environmental value in the form of emission-free, clean energy; and
  • Social value in the form of TPE’s investment in their community through economic development, education initiatives and local investment.

Fundraising & Donation

In collaboration with Luna County, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, DE Shaw and DEPCOM Power. Luna County received $120,000, with $20,000 for Deming Public Schools directly from TPE.

Local Labor 

TPE’s 25MW Alta Luna solar project in Luna County, NM was constructed using over 91% local labor, including 31% in military veteran labor.


Loyola University New Orleans – TPE’s principals created a perpetual scholarship fund with an initial donation of $20,000 to fund the scholarship.


Following TPE’s project development for a rooftop solar system at the LEED Gold Certified Alamosa Elementary School Campus in Alamosa, Colorado, we donated $5,000 to the Alamosa School District.


Denver Urban Scholars – TPE principals served on its board for three years and have donated over $40,000 to date. DUS partners with high poverty, high performing schools to unlock the potential of students facing added challenges by creating individual pathways to career and college.


In association with our Danville Utilities Solar Project, TPE donated $20,000 to Pittsylvania County Public Schools, Virginia.

Local Labor 

Our 9.9MW community solar project for United Cooperative Services in Bosque County, TX was built with 90% local labor, including 25% military veterans.